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Terms and Conditions

Access to these files is provided as a courtesy to owners of MPC and Gateway Pro computer systems only. makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the quality or suitability of any of these files.

This website, and all files, drivers, etc are provided as a courtesy by assumes no liability whatsoever for the information contained within this website and for the downloads and information available. All drivers, bios files, chipsets, and other downloadable content on this site was obtained from either the MPC/ or Gateway support websites and are provided here solely for use by MPC and Gateway Pro systems owners and end users, and are provided as a courtesy of Any trademarks or copyrights on this site related to Micron, Mpc, and Gateway, are the properties of their respective owners.

Some of these files are provided for customers who still use older systems. Please be careful when choosing to use one of these utilities as they may be inappropriate for our newer systems. cannot be responsible for customers who install inappropriate drivers or files on their system.

Please be aware that files in the FTP library are saved in different formats and may require different procedures to extract and prepare them for use. See below for additional information.

Upgrading to the incorrect BIOS image or not following proper upgrade procedures, could result in a completely unresponsive or damaged system. Whenever upgrading your BIOS, make sure to boot your system completely clean. TSR's can interfere with the upgrade process, causing it to fail. Please read all included documentation before changing your BIOS.

Netscape 6 users: In order to download the file you must right click on the button below and select "Save link as..." to save the file to your hard drive.

File Extraction Information:
Different procedures are required depending on which file type you have downloaded.

Driver Files:
*Once the files are downloaded, click on the file and they will be extracted to the folder that the file resided in or you will be prompted to designate a new location.

BIOS and Boot Disk Files:
*By double clicking on the .exe file, some files will automatically install the necessary components to a floppy disk.

Other files will require you to go to a DOS Prompt and complete one of the following steps: *After downloading the file, go to a DOS prompt that corresponds to the directory you copied the file to and type FILENAME /S A:, where FILENAME is the file you have downloaded. The file will then extract to your floppy drive (A:). If using NT the forcedos may be required; example "forcedos C:\WINNT\Profiles\username\Desktop\95boot24.exe /s a:"

*After downloading the file, to extract them to a floppy disk with their directory structure intact, type FILENAME A: -D, where FILENAME is the actual name of the file you have downloaded. has Service Manuals available for the following:
 Gateway Notebook Service Manuals
  Gateway Tablet PC Service Manuals
   Gateway Laptop Service Manuals
We also have a limited number of Service Manuals for Desktops and Servers.
 Restore cd's, driver cd's, and application cd's are available for
  select model Gateway notebooks, tablets, desktops, and servers.
Owners manuals are available for most units supported here per email request.

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