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Gateway Service Manuals has assembled a large collection of Service Manuals for Gateway Notebooks and select Desktop units.

NEW !!!! For Service Techs Only We are now offering our complete database of notebook/laptop service manuals on one cd, or available by download. That is ALL 72 of our service manuals for one price. Use them for your own repair service, resell them on your own website. If purchased separately, these manuals would cost over $640!!! Our price on the CD is only $109. For a download, it is $89.
Email us with any inquirys.

Due to the ease of case disassembly and component replacement in most Desktop units, there are rarely any service manuals available for them. We do have several Desktop manuals available for select models.
They usually contain the original Owners/Users guides for the series, all cases, and include instructions and photographs for complete component removal including the motherboard.

All manuals are only $8.95 each!

We are currently adding new models to our website per email request. If you need a manual for a particular model not yet listed, contact us at and we will create a new download page if we have that manual in the database.

Laptop, Notebook, tablet pc Service, Repair, Disassembly Manuals
If you want to upgrade or fix your laptop by yourself you need a Gateway service manual. The information included in Gateway service manuals will give you detailed information about how to disassemble your laptop and replace defective parts, or upgrade existing components.

Most Gateway Service manuals give detailed instructions with pictures and diagrams for the removal and replacement of internal components, as wll as details necessary to remove and replace the main board. Individual board specs, jumper settings, and other info are generally available on the support website of the board manufacturer.
For specific jumper settings on certain models, email the webmaster with your model number and serial number.

Owners Manuals
If you need an owners manual for your computer, has hundreds of owners manuals already available on the site. We also have hundreds of owners manuals not yet on the website. If you can't find the owners manual for your MPC or Gateway computer, email us with the model and serial number and we will search the database for it. Gateway restoration disks and restore cd's are available also on select models.

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Downloading is easy

• Find the model number you want in the column on the left and click on the model number.
• Be sure to highlight the correct model number before you download.
• Pay securely using PayPal
• No Paypal account is needed for purchase
• After the successful payment you will be automatically be redirected to the downloading page.

You can choose one of the following payment options:

If for any reason the "File Download" doesn't work, contact us at and we'll provide the link for you by email. Most of the original manuals are in PDF format wrapped in a ZIP archives.

Please check back often as we constantly uploading new manuals to our site as we receive requests.
If you have a Gateway or MPC service manual not listed here, let us know and we will gladly add it to our database to share with our viewers worldwide.

Disclaimer: All service manuals come from the original manufacturer. We do not send Printed Copies, CD's, Dvd's, or digital copies of any kind by traditional mail or by email.

You must download the manual immediately after paying! Be sure to highlight the correct model number before you download.
Our manuals are extremely inexpensive, only $8.95 each and we do not offer refunds if you download the wrong manual.
Why so cheap?
We have download links for $8.95 solely to help cover our bandwith and website expenses, and to cover the many hours we spend doing internet research for our viewers. The charge is not for the manual, just for our expense and time.

If your manual does not work for your model, email us with the info and we will try to get you the correct link.
If you have any questions about our manuals please ask before paying.

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